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posters with yr4


In year yr4 they are learning about this person called otzi and they are trying to found out how he die. I think they enjoyed this.

Yr4 forest school


In forest school yr4 have been playing a game were there are four foxes and one mouse. The mouse has to look the other way and when he or she hears somebody they can turn around. The foxes have to get to the bell next to the mouse and ring to win the game.

arch enemies

They all enjoyed it.

We’re going back to the stone age with Yr4


Yr4 have been doing some beautiful stone age art . They got there ideas from a book called the stone boy . They enjoyed reading it .

He’s working on writing why he choose to do that picture


The materials they used were


.water colours

I think the Yr4s have enjoyed there lesson they also done some really good picture .

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