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yr 1


year 1 are doing read write ink and they are learning new words

year 5


year 5 had to master a method of mental calculation and they have to use different methods mentaly

they were practicing a method

year 3


year 3 had to recognise and explore the way that sounds can be organised and used expressively.

year 2


Year 2 are asking questions about Mrs Gill so they know her well and they have to write a test on Wednesday.


they are asking questions

Forest School


In forest school they have been playing a game and its similar to 40 40 in and they wore foxes tales and some of them wore mouses tales and the mouses had to reach the bell before the orange foxes get the small mouses.

Jacob and Sufian was playing the game



reception had to make a word of the object and they were different colured words they had to find and match the word to the following object,noun and animals

Gabi was making a word matching to the picture which was a bird

Year 4 Chestnut 2


In year 5 they have been doing time adverbials in their stories and they had to use at least nine and a child said that it helps you in your stories because it tells you when is it

zain has been using time adverbials

yr 3 learning


year 3 have been learning about Mo Fara the athlete they were thinking what did the athlete think of when he won the race and they were writing in first person.a child said that he was running and at the end of the race he would show respect to the other members of the race who participated by giving a handshake and a hug and he said he would do that to the winner of the race even though he lost or

faizan was creating a thought of what Mo Farah was thinking when he won the race.

was close to win.

Back in the stone age with year 4


Year 4 have drawn beautiful drawings of the stone age.They have used water colors they told us they read a book called a stone

age boy and they drawn a caveman with a sharp spear and trying to kill a deer and they said they scrunched the paper so it has

more of a realistic look.

Sefrat was drawing a picture of the stone age.

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