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Yr 4’s revision their on stone age painting


In hawthorn this week, they have been revising on their stone age paintings.

Michael’s stone age painting of a deer being hunted by stone age men.

Michael has used charcoal in his picture. He sketched gently first, just to get the outline of his image, and then he filled it in to make it clear. He didn’t make it colourful because he thought it would make his picture bold.

All of the children in year 4 had scrunched up the paper to make it look like the walls that the stone age people would draw on. They tried to replicate what the stone age drawings would look like as best as they could and I think that they did well. In this lesson they used many Building Learning Powers such as revising and planning. They needed to revise on the materials that they used and they would answer different questions such as how and why. All in all, i think that this lesson really made the yr 4s think about their pictures and stone age replicas.

We’re going back to the stone age with Yr4


Yr4 have been doing some beautiful stone age art . They got there ideas from a book called the stone boy . They enjoyed reading it .

He’s working on writing why he choose to do that picture


The materials they used were


.water colours

I think the Yr4s have enjoyed there lesson they also done some really good picture .

Yr 4 say “Ugg” with their stone age art


LO:To create a cave man painting.

Before half term, yr 4 did some stone age art and today they were writing how they did it and what they used.

prachi did a drawing of animals with some pastals she crumpled up the paper to make it look like rock


yr 4 all did different drawrings some did handprints some did cave men hunting.they rememberd to use materials that looked like material that cave men would be able to get their hand on.

all in all it was a very interesting lesson!

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