year 6 learning


In year 6 they need to justify why this statement is correct. Factors are at least one pair of numbers when multiplied together to get the number that both factor belong to. I think they all enjoyed it .

This my work.

year 3


year 3 had to recognise and explore the way that sounds can be organised and used expressively.

No room, no room


In year 1, they have been working on their nativity songs. They sang many songs but their best one was No Room, No Room.

Year 1 are practicing their nativity song.

They are practicing another song that they are unsure about.

Learning yr2


In year two they have been learning about Miss Gill . So they have been asking question to her and she will answering them so they know her well. After they need to write a test about her. They are enjoying themselves.

they are having so much fun.

year 2


Year 2 are asking questions about Mrs Gill so they know her well and they have to write a test on Wednesday.


they are asking questions

nativity songs with yr 1


today yr 1 working on their nativity songs like born in a barn and no room, I can’t wait to see it!

yr 1 are practiceing

Forest School


In forest school they have been playing a game and its similar to 40 40 in and they wore foxes tales and some of them wore mouses tales and the mouses had to reach the bell before the orange foxes get the small mouses.

Jacob and Sufian was playing the game

Yr4 forest school


In forest school yr4 have been playing a game were there are four foxes and one mouse. The mouse has to look the other way and when he or she hears somebody they can turn around. The foxes have to get to the bell next to the mouse and ring to win the game.

arch enemies

They all enjoyed it.

Forest Schools


In Forest School, Jacob, Nancy, Amina, Sufian and Abubakar were involved in a game of Foxes and Mice. It was a bit like hide and seek but involved the foxes working together as a team to try and ring the bell and get their dinner (the mouse).

It was bitterly cold out there today so they were just about to have hot chocolate to warm them up.

All of them seemed to be enjoying learning outside despite the chilly temperatures!




In reception they are getting letters and fitting them in wooden boards that either spell items or animals so they will be better at spelling. They enjoy doing this because they say that it will grow there minds.

this is one of the wooden boards

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