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Yr 4 are scientists


In year 4, they have been learning to construct and understand food chains. This was their food chain: plant – slug – frog – owl.

They needed to explain why the food chain was in that order.

This is a grid showing the different types of animals and plants.

Yr 5 chestnut 1 leave earth to create a new planet


Yr 5 chestnut 1 have been creating a planet. They have been discussing which animals they would have living in their planet and why. For example if their animal is big is it because their is a lot of oxygen?  This 

This is Ella’s work.

year 4 find out about Otzi


year 4 are writing facts and posters about the stone age man Otzi. 

This is Poppy’s poster of Otzi.


Year 5 are mathematical experts


year 5 needed to master a method of mental calculation. They were adding hundreds, tens and ones.

Danny is writing a justification for when he can use this method.

Year 3 Listen To Classical Music


In year 3 are listening to classical music and discovering different instruments. They need to discuss it.

Year 3 are listening to music.

No room, no room


In year 1, they have been working on their nativity songs. They sang many songs but their best one was No Room, No Room.

Year 1 are practicing their nativity song.

They are practicing another song that they are unsure about.

Yr 5 Chestnut 1 go to ancient Egypt


Yr 5 have been writing about how Britan would have looked 5000 years ago.

This is Ella’s work.

This is their success criteria

Amber is reading her work to herself

This is an amazing piece of work!

Aryan is concentrating to make his work a good standard

They told me that they had to write in first person, as if they had just entered this new found land. They would need to describe what the area around them looks using powerful adjectives and different features of describing.

Yr 5 Chestnut 2 use time adverbials in space…


Today, yr 5 have been writing the problem (dilemma) for their story, using time adverbials. The story that they got inspired by was called Cosmic:

This is the book that they got inspired by.

They were making sure that all of the adverbials made sense and that they were using a range of adverbials to make the story interesting. Before the dilemma, they had written a build up. Next they will need to write the resolution.

This their story mountain.


This is their learning criteria.

This is Leah’s definition of a time adverbial.

10, 000,000……………….?


Today, year 6 have been writing and reading numbers from 1- 10,000,000.

Here are some examples:

1) 27,784,946 = twenty-seven million, seven hundred and eighty-four thousand, nine hundred and forty-six

2) 47,847,463 = forty-seven million, eight hundred and forty seven thousand, four hundred and sixty-three

3) 10,000,000 = ten million                                                                                                                                              

We were also being told a number and we had to write it in digits.

Then we needed to roll the dice 8 times so that we had the numbers and we needed to write the number in digits and words.

Then we needed to explain how we know that the certain number is in the specific place value. Here is an example:

37,841,386. I know that the 1 is in the thousands because there is a decimal point behind the 6, which we just can’t see in this image, which enables me to count back from the 6. ” 6 is the ones, 8 is the tens, 3 is the hundreds, 1 is the thousands.” I also know what each row stands for. If I know what each row represents, I can just look at the “1” and I can mentally do the procedure of counting back all of the spaces, but quickly. If I add all of these different tactics, I can easily find the value of any number- quickly and mentally.                                                                        

Literacy……….and a portal?!


In literacy today we have been reading a sci-fi version of Jack and the beanstalk (the text is on the yr 6 birch blog). Then we acted it out. My group was Carmen, Patricia and Lilianne. We did well in the drama. It was funny because the stick was a ruler and when I tapped it it broke. Ha ha ha! We decided not to use a narrator so that we could see how each character was feeling and use show not tell by our actions. However, some advice people gave us was that we could have had some narration in crucial areas like when the settings changed.

Yr 4’s revision their on stone age painting


In hawthorn this week, they have been revising on their stone age paintings.

Michael’s stone age painting of a deer being hunted by stone age men.

Michael has used charcoal in his picture. He sketched gently first, just to get the outline of his image, and then he filled it in to make it clear. He didn’t make it colourful because he thought it would make his picture bold.

All of the children in year 4 had scrunched up the paper to make it look like the walls that the stone age people would draw on. They tried to replicate what the stone age drawings would look like as best as they could and I think that they did well. In this lesson they used many Building Learning Powers such as revising and planning. They needed to revise on the materials that they used and they would answer different questions such as how and why. All in all, i think that this lesson really made the yr 4s think about their pictures and stone age replicas.

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