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yr 4 science


ϒℜ 4 were learning about different ty℘es of aℵimals; herbivors, omnivore, exetra and the food chain

they had lots of fun


yr 1 were “born in a barn”


Τoday yr 1 were practicing their nativity™ songs

τhey were not shy at all and they sounded beautiful! “sniff!”I would ℜate it five stars! Ω

they are very practiced and they can’t wait!

no spoilers!

they love practiceing

yr 4 and their stone age posters


yr 4 today made some stone age posters about a stone age man called otzi who really existed

they really enjoyd it

miss Jonsons read write ink


in read write ink today they were practiceing their words and sounds like…

insect and elastic 

they really liked it and fineshed with the story of tom thum!

they had losts of fun

yr 5 leave orbit while learnig about our planets


yr 5 today were lerning about the planets. they learned about the stages of the moon and the position of the planets while mr Martines  made an example with a chair, a torch and some balls! after that they made an investigation on why the moons face changes over time.

yr 5 working

nativity songs with yr 1


today yr 1 working on their nativity songs like born in a barn and no room, I can’t wait to see it!

yr 1 are practiceing

yr 2 advanced read write ink!


In yr 2 read write ink they are finding out some meanings of some words by looking at a dictionary .They learned about how to find a word too! they were given a list of words to find in the dictionary and set to work!

yr 5 chestnut 2 leave orbit with their space stories


YR  5  Were  experimenting with time adverbials so they could write the problem for their space stories 

Suddenly, the fire alarm stopped their work!

once they were all inside they began to work again some of the students tried to use time adverbials in the middle of a sentence!

they were magpiing from a book called cosmic with a plot about alians on mars 

after that they had to underline all the time adverbials they had used

Yr 4 say “Ugg” with their stone age art


LO:To create a cave man painting.

Before half term, yr 4 did some stone age art and today they were writing how they did it and what they used.

prachi did a drawing of animals with some pastals she crumpled up the paper to make it look like rock


yr 4 all did different drawrings some did handprints some did cave men hunting.they rememberd to use materials that looked like material that cave men would be able to get their hand on.

all in all it was a very interesting lesson!

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