Today, year 6 have been writing and reading numbers from 1- 10,000,000.

Here are some examples:

1) 27,784,946 = twenty-seven million, seven hundred and eighty-four thousand, nine hundred and forty-six

2) 47,847,463 = forty-seven million, eight hundred and forty seven thousand, four hundred and sixty-three

3) 10,000,000 = ten million                                                                                                                                              

We were also being told a number and we had to write it in digits.

Then we needed to roll the dice 8 times so that we had the numbers and we needed to write the number in digits and words.

Then we needed to explain how we know that the certain number is in the specific place value. Here is an example:

37,841,386. I know that the 1 is in the thousands because there is a decimal point behind the 6, which we just can’t see in this image, which enables me to count back from the 6. ” 6 is the ones, 8 is the tens, 3 is the hundreds, 1 is the thousands.” I also know what each row stands for. If I know what each row represents, I can just look at the “1” and I can mentally do the procedure of counting back all of the spaces, but quickly. If I add all of these different tactics, I can easily find the value of any number- quickly and mentally.