Learning Live! @ ORCS 2017-18


This is a unique blog page where our intrepid team of reporters will be presenting a snapshot of learning taking place on Monday afternoons.

There will be photos, videos, interviews, as well as posts as they move around ORCS finding out what is happening and blogging as it happens – Learning Live!

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year 4 find out about Otzi


year 4 are writing facts and posters about the stone age man Otzi. 

This is Poppy’s poster of Otzi.


yr 4 and their stone age posters


yr 4 today made some stone age posters about a stone age man called otzi who really existed

they really enjoyd it

posters with yr4


In year yr4 they are learning about this person called otzi and they are trying to found out how he die. I think they enjoyed this.

yr 1


year 1 are doing read write ink and they are learning new words

miss Jonsons read write ink


in read write ink today they were practiceing their words and sounds like…

insect and elastic 

they really liked it and fineshed with the story of tom thum!

they had losts of fun

Year 5 are mathematical experts


year 5 needed to master a method of mental calculation. They were adding hundreds, tens and ones.

Danny is writing a justification for when he can use this method.

Reading ink


In reading ink they are learning words like elastic, badly. I think they enjoyed it.

They enjoy doing this

year 5


year 5 had to master a method of mental calculation and they have to use different methods mentaly

they were practicing a method

yr 5 leave orbit while learnig about our planets


yr 5 today were lerning about the planets. they learned about the stages of the moon and the position of the planets while mr Martines  made an example with a chair, a torch and some balls! after that they made an investigation on why the moons face changes over time.

yr 5 working

Year 3 Listen To Classical Music


In year 3 are listening to classical music and discovering different instruments. They need to discuss it.

Year 3 are listening to music.

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